Q: Could you send more information please?
A: Yes. Please send us a chatty email on info@reddogclothing.com.au. We can send samples of fabric swatches and garments already made up so you can judge the quality of our work. You will be required to return these when you are finished with them, but we will supply you with a reply paid envelope to make it easy for you.

Q: What if I can't find what I want on your web site?
A: Use our "how can we help" page on this web site or just give us a call.
1. We can custom make to suit your requirements.
2. We out source from ready made from other companies so we will probably be able to help you.

Q: Could you send a catalogue?
A: No. Large catalogues are expensive to produce and most of our clients are only looking for a couple of items. We have a large range of garments and are happy to send you fabric and product samples in lieu of a catalogue. We have many other photos that we can send upon request. Contact us on info@reddogclothing.com.au.

Q: What are the requirements if we do want a style you don't have?
A: You would be required to provide the style then we do up a quote for production from that. You would then need to sign that for us to go ahead with the sample for you. Once you are completely satisfied with the sample then we would go ahead with the full order this usually takes 4 to 6 weeks from you signing off.

Q: Are we required to order the minimum quantity every time we order?
A: Yes you will be required to please be sure of your requirements prior to ordering. Some styles require more quantities than others as well.

Q: We have a couple of hard to fit people will you make a couple of sets for them?
A: Unfortunately no we do not offer that service we tried to in the past but it doesn't work. We can sometimes offer you fabric so that you can find someone who will help you out. If its polo's we may be able to help you in production.

Q: Does the navy fade?
A: Yes the navy will fade. 100% polyester does not fade as much as cotton or poly cotton does.

Q: We want a cool fabric?
A: Our headquarters are based in Cairns, Far North Queensland so we understand if you're looking for a cool fabric! The new sports fabrics are cooler but cotton back microfiber is the coolest option for Polo shirts. This is a more expensive option and does not wear as well.